When my life as a freelancer started, a new problem suddenly occurred; The need for a quiet place to work from in the city.

After having toured several cafés in Copenhagen looking for peace, quiet, coffee, nice toilets, and internet access, I found a good solution: Coworking.

I know that Coworking spaces is no new phenomenon I just never needed them before. But the need certainly rose when my life as a freelancer began and my home office suddenly was far away from Copenhagen.

Coworking: Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. You can use coworking whether you’re a freelancer, start-up, or you work for a larger company and need some time away from the office. To collaborate, work on joint projects or just work for yourself.

Excuse me, where can I find some peace and quiet?

I live in Southern Sweden, and have my home office at my house. But once a week I am in Copenhagen, Denmark for customer meetings or networking. Thus, I need to work between my meetings, and commuting to and from Sweden is not doable with limited time on my hands.

One morning after a networking event, I had five hours until my next meeting. I needed to be productive and get things done. I visited a local café, hoping to get some work done, but…

  • The Wi-Fi connection was bad, and I was kicked off the internet all the time
  • The restrooms were mildly speaking not nice
  • There was a lot of noise from music, coffee makers, hand dryers in the restrooms etc
  • A large group of people hijacked the room and had a meeting where they loudly discussed internal things
  • The coffee was good. But expensive
  • I really had a hard time concentrating

But then I discovered Sp8ces


Sp8ces location in Holbergsgade, Copenhagen at restaurant Fuego


I was quite pleased when I found Sp8ces. Not only is it a coworking space, but it also uses the sharing economy mentality and transforms restaurants’ unused space into a tranquil working place during daytime.

Read more about Sp8ces on their website At the moment they have two locations you can book in Central Copenhagen and more are coming. You either buy a monthly subscription or a day pass.

Here are 7 reasons why coworking works for a freelancer like me:

  1. Practical things: Nice restrooms, coffee, tea, fast internet and power sockets
  2. Peace & quiet: To sit in a coworking space is almost like having your own office. It’s a lot more silent than in a café
  3. Security: I can leave my stuff behind, if I need to leave for lunch. Because the hosts are looking after my things.
  4. I can have customer meetings: If my customer meetings last an hour, the guest has access to everything I have at no cost. If you have more guests or longer meetings, you can buy a day pass for your guest.
  5. The price matches the expensive coffee you buy at cafés: As a freelancer, the price structure is appealing, because you do not necessarily have to buy a whole period of access. You can buy a day pass when and if you need a central place to work from (and the coffee was fine).
  6. Central locations: Sp8ces’ is located in central Copenhagen and I can choose which location to work from
  7. The possibility to network and discuss: To work from a coworking location gives me the possibility to both find new connections and network with others.


This article is about coworking in Copenhagen. If you have input or ideas to other great coworking spaces in other cities or countries, then drop a comment below


Other coworking spaces in Copenhagen you can check out:

I’ve listed a very small selection of other coworking spaces in Copenhagen, which I may try at some point. There are a lot more and I’d love to hear your recos if any.

You need food to work…

Incidentally, I found the world’s best roasted pork sandwich at Café Ørstrup right beside Sp8ces location in Holbergsgade in København. Try it out!

Neither Sp8ces nor Café Ørstrup have sponsored this article!


Check that roasted pork sandwich at Ørstrup…