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I love to learn. I love to read blogs and gain insight. Get inspiration. Get informed. Get wiser. Help my customers get wiser. But it’s not always easy. Because I’m drowning in pop-ups!

This post is written “from the other side”. From my point of view as a reader and potential customer.

Death by pop-ups – a recent example

I saw a link to what seemed to be a great article, judging from the title. It was about blogging and how to become a better blogger. I really wanted to read it. But I never got there. Here’s what happened:

  1. I click the link to the article
  2. It quickly disappears under the first pop-up, so I cannot read it. I make that pop-up go away by clicking “I am perfect as a blogger already” (aka “no thanks”) because I’d actually like to read the article before I get more information
  3. The second pop-up appears, top of page with a new offer for me. I click “Make me cry” (aka “no thanks”) because I still would LOVE to read this article
  4. The third pop-up now appears, in front of the article. I am desperate now and I click “No Thanks”

The article disappears. Completely! Behind the last pop-up, which is an entire page. The original article is gone, and so is my patience. I never got to read the actual article. Screen shots of pop-ups below for your info.

I’m leaving you if you prevent me from reading your content

Pop-ups are really smart and I know that they probably work. But too much of a good thing will kill you. So my message to you content creators who love your pop-ups is: Use them carefully, please. Put yourselves in your customers’ shoes. Think of me as the customer and visitor who would love to get your insight.

If you have more to share with me and want to sell me something, that is fine. But can you please let me choose myself, so I actively can click on something that I want from you? Your pop-ups won’t make me buy.

What do you think about pop-ups?

As a marketeer/content creator: Do you think of the customer/reader behind the screen?

As a customer/visitor: What do you think about pop-ups? Do you click them? Do you find them perfectly all right, or do you think they are annoying? Have you just installed a pop-up killer to get rid of them?

Please post a comment. I would love you to join the conversation.

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